Monday, January 14, 2008

What's in the name?

Hmm......we totally forgot how we came across the name ZACH and how we finally decided on that name for him....Must be those books and finally realising that it'll be easy to pronounce in the Malaysian context.....yeah...we considered all angles when we decided on the name...the only possibility was it being pronounced as Jack.....and true enough......he's called "Jack" by some people until today....even his school teacher calls him "Jack"...urgh!!!! I got so irritated by her pronunciation that I actually corrected a nice but sarcastic way...."erm..his name is Zach. U in XYZ? Think she must have got my sarcasm and is embarrassed by it......I'm stil lwodnering if she still calls him "Jack"....something to ponder

Well, that's not as bad as some stories I heard from friends whose kids' name were pronounced so badly that they could be jokes! For example:

1. Charlotte being pronounced as Char-Lot-Teh! No joke ok! Poor girl........
2. Phoebe as Poh-eh-bee (that's my niece's name and I heard it with my own ears, someone pronouncing it that way...urgh!)

So, now we are faced with yet another dilemma.......naming Precious #2! I went through the internet and all...trying to get some ideas on what to name him.....since we know it's gonna be another male.....boy! it's not easy at all! I have personally always liked the name's just such a nice and classic much so when my nephew was born almost 6 years ago that I suggested that name for him and his daddy immediately registered him under that name. Next was for another nephew (hubby's brother's son)...whom we briefly suggested the same name and they immediately decided on that name! Yes...I now have 2 nephews named Sean!

When we found out that Precious #2 is gonna be a boy.......our heachache starts again.....
Zach and Sean are our all-time-favourite names and they are both taken! I secretly regret that I suggested Sean to my cousin/bro in law for their sons....should have kept it for my own son....ya ya.....but who knows right? I was so crazy hoping to have daughters all this while..never thought I'd be blessed with 2 sons instead.....
So the hunt begins.........boys''s not easy at all!

We have sort of made a shortlist of the following names (with feedbacks and potential mispronunciations and all):

1. Roy (my 3rd choice after Zach and Sean. So perhaps we shall name Precious #2 that..but hubby still wants to consider other it's not confirmed yet. Gotta crack our head for a 2nd name like kor kor's [Zach Ryan Goh] cos Roy Goh sounds funny....)

2. Nick (got a call fr Vee warning me not to name Precious #2 that cos that name reminds her of someone who's useless and hopeless) - so it's gonna be off the list!

3. Scott (such nice me that is..but he's gonna risk being called "Cot" by those who are not English educated, or those who cant pronounce the letter "S", and those kampung aunties and uncles) No way I'm letting my son's name being mispronounced!

4. Joshua (both of us love this name as well as it sounds soothing and proper) But it's gonna be out of the league as how Zach is named cos Zach has a 2nd name and Joshua doesnt need any more 2nd name......I know I'm fussy but I cant help it......I know some ppl said I stress out myself for nothing.....but not for me lor.........a name is gonna be stuck to a person for all his life and I must ensure that it's a nice least tht's something nice and permanent that I can give to Precious #2 once he enters the world!

5. The rest of the names that we came across and are in our list of considerations are Jayden, Aidan, Al, Ian (Ling made me realise that it's gonna look like LAN for some - so I think it's most likely a NONO!, Brad, Isaac, Ethan (2 very nice but common names for the current generation/era), Don, Ron, Rex, Lex, Dex...the list is still going on..........

Suggestions anyone? hehehe

Precious #2 at 22 weeks....moving n kicking non-stop!