Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It's known!

I'm well into my 18th week when I was scheduled for a check-up last night. The anticipation leading up to last night was a very tensed one cos we were told by Delaila that she would be able to tell the gender of the baby! I was so looking forward to the check-up last night that I couldnt wait to have my name called into the room for examination!

Well, those who know me long and well enough should know that I'm crazy over having a daughter of my own. DESPERATE might be the word to describe how I long for a daughter to call my own. But I guess it's always right whenever we hear people say that "You will never get what you want!" Well, that happened in my first pregnancy when we found out that Zach...is well, Zach. And I consoled myself "It's only my first baby. Boy is alright. Shall try and hope for a girl the next one." And I realised that I'm not the only crazy mommy in this world who hope for a girl more than a boy. Guess it's natural instinct for mothers to have at least a daughter..maybe it's the female to female thingy in us. Just like how we would mix around with girls only in schools, parties and having circles of female friends more than males.

Well, baby #2 arrived quite unexpectedly...a li ltoo early I would say. So we were hoping that it would be a lil girl to call our own.
And there we were...in the consultation room, looking right in front of the monitor...me hoping to see a "hum chim peng" instead of a "birdy with 2 lil balls". Delaila was going round my tummy with the ultrasound scanner explaining to us...

"That's your baby's head, here's the liver, your placenta's looking good, water level is good...oh those are the legs and.....do you wanna know the baby's gender?"

Needless to say.... "Of course we do!"

Delaila continued scanning, "There...it's gonna be a BOY!

Me: Are you 100% sure doctor?
Hubby (laughing out loud) : See! I told you!

Delaila: Ok..let's see one more time.....There! That's the penis....can you see it?....and look, those are the testes! Confirmed la...cannot run away already. It's a boy! No chance for girl this time!

Guess all those myths and theories of predicting the gender of my next baby is so not true afterall!

Well! there it is...it's right in front of me! the final result of trying to guess the gender of Precious #2. My wish and hope for a daughter is dashed! I'm gonna have another rascal instead. A lil brother for Zach instead. I'd be lying to say that I wasnt disappointed at all with the fact known that I'm carrying yet another baby boy in my tummy. But then again, I wouldnt love this baby any less and all we could hope for right now is for a healthy and normal baby boy!

Hubby (holding and kissing my hand in the car) : Are you ok? I know it's a bit of a disappointment, but another son is still ok, right?
Me (rubbing my eyes): Of course I'm ok. But I'll be lying if I say that I'm not disappointed lor.
Hubby: Are you crying?
Me (trying to hide): No la! My eyes are getting itchy nowadays. That's all. (I know. What a lame excuse!)
Hubby: You are still gonna love this son, aren't you?
Me: Are you crazy? It's still gonna be my own son. Of course I will!
Hubby: So I guess, no more Nathalie huh? (our chosen name if it's a daughter) It's gonna be either Nick or Roy instead. Hahahaha
Me: Looks like it.......save Nathalie for our grand daughter instead. Haha!..(quiet after that)
Hubby: Well, I dont mind having a third child if you dont mind. Hopefully it's a girl lor.
Me: Siao ar? And what if it's another boy? If you can guarantee me it's gonna be a girl, I might consider. ...No la! No No No No way! Stop at 2! Enough!
Hubby: Ya lah...stop at 2 la. So, 2 daughters in law! Well, at least we dont have to worry about the safety of our daughter in future. You know, like the risk of being raped, teenage pregnancy and all, etc.
Me: Ya..but to worry if our sons might impregnant other people's daughters! There will be issues to worry about also la.
Hubby: True.

Guess the hope for a daughter is really getting to its peak in me that the disappointment is just as high. I know it's crazy. Afterall, it's no harm to have another son to call my own. But I just cant fight the natural feeling built inside me. The fact that I can never buy those pretty dresses, nice head bands, lovely pink shoes and all things nice for my own daughter.......Well, unless we dont mind trying for another baby the next time! No way! I'm not putting myself yet into another phase of guessing the gender of Baby #3 and going through the agonising period of encountering numerous morning/night sickness!..and then to know that it's gonna be Baby Boy #3! Nope! We are pulling the handbrake after Baby #2, no matter what!

As crazy as it may sound, I guess the disappointment in me got to its toll that I actually dreamt of it in my sleep last night and woke up weeping. Stupid and crazy me! Maybe it's the fear to show hubby of my disappointment that built up in me that got me shouldering this disappointment all by myself and it even brought it to my dreamland!

So, son #2...mommy is anticipating for your arrival in May next year. Hopefully you will turn out to be a fine young man in future and have a great bond with your Big Bro Zach!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Baby talk

It was such a coincidence last week when I was channel surfing and came across an interesting episode on Oprah's show. It was all about baby language and how a gifted lady named Priscilla Dunstan from Australia discovered her ability to interpret how infants communicate with their caregivers. It was said that babies around the world speak the same language to convey what they want and how they feel. Interesting isnt it? Well, it all boils down to 5 main sounds on how to differentiate what the babies want. And they actually tested them on a few babies to prove this and surprisingly it worked! I was amazed......... I told myself that I must record those 5 sounds here to test their effectiveness once Precious #2 is out next year.

1. 'neh' - "I'm hungry"

2. 'owh' - "I'm feeling sleepy"

3. 'heh' - "I'm feeling uncomfortable"

4. 'eair' (pronounced as 'air') - "I have lotsa gas...I need to fart!"

5. 'eh' - "Burp me!"

Well, guess I cant do much about finding out how effective those sounds are until I try them out myself next year!

Apparently there's a DVD for sale on this and it's called Dunstan Baby Language (can be ordered through http://www.dunstanbaby.com/) . The details on this can also be found is http://www.oprah.com/ . So for those curious young mothers out there...you might wanna have a copy? I'm still considering if I should get hold of a copy.........

So far so good....@ 14 weeks

Yeah...we've finally seen the doctor who assured us that Precious #2 is doing fine and well inside my tummy....... In fact, it is so a ctive inside me that we could see its hands and legs moving durign the ultrasound scan and made us all laugh seeing how active it is......

"I'll be able to tell you if it's aboy or a girl next month!"
That's what the doc said and we are now curious and anxious to know if we are giving Zach a baby brother or sister in May 2008! Boy or girl.....all we hope for is a healthy being who will add to much joy into our family!

Now...I wont label this scan because one would be able to see which is the head and which is the body if one is observant and alert enough! hahahaha

Monday, November 5, 2007

Anxiety kills!

It's been a month since my last post here and well...I'll be going for my check-up tonight to see the development of our Precious #2.
I hate to admit it but Ive been having this anxiety on negative issues about the baby and i just cant stop having this weird feeling that something might be wrong with Precious #2. As much as I dont want anything bad to happen to Precious #2, I guess it's just the hormonal imbalance in me that got me thinking negatively. I remember facing the same anxiety when I was pregnant with Zach. Well, I hope it's just my gut feeling and nothing else......really hope to see an improvement and positive development in Precious #2 tonight....been praying real hard that Precious #2 will arrive in a good shape and that we will have the opportunity to shower him/her with much love and care!

Friday, October 5, 2007

A relief!

An update on our visit to the gynae after my food-poisoning saga....

Mom's dehydrated...but BABY IS DOING FINE!

It was indeed a relief to see the heartbeat of Precious #2 beating as usual and doing pretty fine in the sac! It was as if a heavy load has been lifted up from my shoulders after being worried for the whole day wondering if Precious #2 is affected from my dehydration.

Pregnancy luck?

Congratulations!! We are pleased to inform you that you have won the 2nd Prize: Sony Walkman NW-E015F MP3 Player (2GB) in our 3rd Quarterly Prize Draw!

Kindly reply to this email or contact us by 17th Oct 2007 (Wednesday) for validity confirmation.

If you should have further enquiry, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Thank you for joining our Your Voice Online Panel.

Best Regards,

Lianne LeePanel
The Nielsen Company (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

The email says it all.......and I've received the prize delivered to my doorstep this morning. So it's definitely not a scam.

They say it's called "Pregnancy luck"...things you win when you are pregnant.....and being a not-so-superstitious person, I think I believe it this time. Cos this is not the first time I've won something during my pregnancy. I've won a RM500 voucher from Diamond & Platinum when I was pregnant with Zach. It was just as spontaneous as this one when I suddenly received an email from AC Nielsen informing me of my win.
I took part in a survey conducted by AC Nielsen some time back. Guess some of you might have heard of it..it's called 'Your Voice'. Well, obviously I forgot all about it after that until recently when I received the email of the prize that I've won.

Price of the Mp3 checked - RM399! Not bad huh?

It just feels so good to have won something.......!

And losing them....

Just when I thought I've got to continue living with my fast-growing weight.....it went all down the drain in just one morning! Had a very bad food poisoning early this morning at 6 and the weight that I've piled up over the week just flushed together with the toilet bowl! Now I'm back to the weight I was when I first got pregnant and my tummy just shrunk!!!!!!
I dont look pregnant anymore.....urgh! what is happening........???

Yeah....I'm worried myself too! Gonna see my gynae tonight just to make sure Precious #2 is doing fine eventhough mommy has flushed down 3 kgs down the drain in just minutes!

Keeping my fingers crossed that the ultrasound will provide pleasant result.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Piling up...

I've put on a whopping 3 kgs over the last 1 week!!!!!!! 3 kgs! I cant believe it myself.....the weighing scale just went 3 gaps fr my previous weight.....No! of cos I'm not gonna reveal my weight here...No way! yes....I'm being very very vain..I'm entitled to.....esp when I'm pregnant now!

I know many of you will just say things like "it's normal. u r pregnant!"

I know I know....but I just cant accept the fact that it's only my 1st trimester and I've already pile up 3kgs....imagine......7 more months to go! how much weight would I put on by the time I deliver? I better not put thoughts into my head..though I hav to admit that I really do feel heavier nowadays.....

As vain as I've always been.....seeing the weighing scale tipping further and further each time I step onto it just wont make me feel good at all.....though I tried consoling myself that "it's ok...I'm pregnant..I ought to gain weight and all......but definitely not this soon?????

I even resorted to talking to my weighing scale going "U gotta be kidding me...more?"

Looks like I'm gonna be much bigger in this pregnancy as compared to my 1st one when I was considered underweight for my size!

Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Book for baby?

Can this come at any other better time than now??????????????
Well, just to get me on the mood...I've decided to finally purchase this book......after I've changed my mind several times seeing it in the bookstores because of the price tag! Well, MPH was having a Members Day yesterday and it was as if it's a calling telling me that it's finally the right time for me to start reading this book now that I'm expecting myself....simply because - it's 25% off the usual price for members! I just had to get it the minute I saw the discount offered! I saved a total of RM17.48...guess all those wait has finally paid off!

I've never missed any of Sophie Kinsella's book so it's just a matter of time for me to get this book the minute it first hit the store several months back. Being a cheapskate when it comes to the price of books, I just couldnt bring myself to pay RM69.90 for a freaking shopaholic book! So I was telling myself to be patient and wait for its paperback version to be released (God knows when though...) so that the price would be reduced. Looks like it's never gonna happen anytime soon and I still believe it's a sign for me to finally get it (non-paperback) when it was put up for a whopping 25% discount!

Now will you please excuse me now...I've got an important book to read now......muahahahahahahahahahahaha~


I've been burping like a frog for the past weeks!! gosh and it's really taking a toll on my mood....especially before I hit the sack at night. The feeling is absolutely not something I look forward to everyday knowing that I'll irritate the hell out of hubby who has to endure the sound of my burp! *excuse me* I know he understand my situation and will not complain a single bit......but I hate it myself too! Prefer to vomit it all out to get rid of all the gas inside my tummy rather than having to endure the non-stop burp to rid of the gas trapped inside my stomach......urgh!

This is totally different from my 1st pregnancy when I had to vomit everything I consumed during dinner every night in order to get a good night sleep. I've tried vomitting it all out now...but things just wont come out.......urgh!

I cant wait to get to my 2nd trimester....the honeymoon period of a pregnancy!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Finally here

My much unanticipated morning sickness has finally arrived this morning @ week 7!

Woke up with a dizzy sensation with my stomach somehow feeling uneasy. I dashed straight to the bathroom and poured out whatever liquid inside my stomach. Since I've not had any breakfast yet, the pretty grossed output tasted somewhat bitter and yellowish in colour! It was indeed a very much uneasy feeling - whats with the cramping muscles in my stomach. Something which I dread to happen in my pregnancy!

More to come I suppose........

The HeartBeat!

After a much 7-days worrifying wait, we finally managed to see our baby's heartbeat last night! - in his/her 7th week of life inside my belly. The wait was excruciating as it is a vital part of early pregnancy to be able to detect the foetal heartbeat. I've heard too much sad stories about how the baby's heartbeat was undetectable which led to unexpected and unanticipated decision and consequences. Hence my apprehensive move in announcing my pregnancy verbally to those I know.

Precious #2's heartbeat was beating real fast that we were all laughing with joy seeing the moving tiny lil dot on the screen. Even Dr Delaila was relieved upon detecting Precious #2's fast-moving heartbeat for she was also in fear last week when she couldnt detect any movement on the tiny lil dot we saw on the screen. All's well so far and we are more comfortable now in announcing the existence of Precious #2 to our friends and family.

Even Zach was excited upon seeing 'Mommy's baby' on the black screen!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Earlier than expected

It's all planned by Him. We are in no position at all to determine:-

1. when we want it
2. how we want it to look like
3. what gender it's gonna be

4. who it's gonna look like, etc etc

Well, Sept 13, 2007 is gonna be another remarkable date for me as it is the day I unexpectedly found out that I'm in my 6th week of carrying another life inside me. After 3 home-pregnancy tests and a confirmed ultrasound scan by my gynae............
Yes! I'm PREGGY!

It was all unexpected for it's a lil too early in my plan to have Baby No.2. It was that only ONE time...ONE particular time when we thought we would not strike the jackpot...and it has to happen THAT time. My failed calculation obviously....hubby said it's even easier to get a baby than to strike a 4D or jackpot!

Now, everything that I planned for before I thought I could be prepared for the conception of Precious #2 has to be put on hold, especially:-
1. Our much detailed planned vacation to Auckland in Oct - CANCELED
2. My laser eye treatment scheduled to be done next Friday (Sept 21) - POSTPONED

The TWO biggest plans that we had prepared prior to getting ourselves ready for pregnancy #2.
The plan was supposed to work this way:-
1. Going on another trip abroad this year knowing that we will not be able to travel far next year with Baby #2's existence. Well, I guess it's a message from the big one up there as well as Baby #2 telling us .....

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no....you are not to go on another holiday without Precious #2. Hold on your plan until you welcome him/her and you shall go holiday in a happy family of 4!"

"No way mommy, daddy and kor kor are going on a holiday without me! I want to go along. Make sure you cancel your trip and wait for my arrival to go with you all!"

Now Now Now....dont get me wrong. I'm happy to know that I'm finally preggy for the 2nd time. Guess I'll need some more time to adjust to this slightly-earlier-than-expected new discovery and the fact that I'll eventually get bigger and bigger by days/months.....

Precious #2 will greet us sometime around 9th May 2008.
As I was going through my thoughts last night...it hit me real hard on the coincidents that I've analysed in my mind....

Coincident #1 - My LMP for my 1st pregnancy happened to be 1st July 2004 and Zach came out on his EDD which is 8th Apr 2005....and now my LMP for my 2nd pregnancy happens to be 2nd Aug 2007 and Precious #2 will be out some time around 9th May 2008...see the coincidence?

Coincident #2 - I was born in May and my sister in June. Our birthdays are a month apart. My kids r gonna have the same coincidence! Not a big thing to coincide with...but still..it's a thought!

Coincident #3 - He/she is gonna be a Taurus! Just like Mommy.......

Well....guess it's time again for me to get prepared for the pregnancy jargons/sensations:-

  1. morning/night sickness
  2. expanding belly
  3. visible stretched marks
  4. kicking lil thing in me
  5. contractions
  6. heartburns
  7. gradual hunger
  8. cravings, etc

That's my baby at 6th week of life, measuring only 1.57cm (the size of a poppy-seed)

With God's grace and mercy, I pray for a smooth pregnancy and Precious #2 will be healthy, normal and born to be a happy baby just like kor kor!