Friday, October 5, 2007

A relief!

An update on our visit to the gynae after my food-poisoning saga....

Mom's dehydrated...but BABY IS DOING FINE!

It was indeed a relief to see the heartbeat of Precious #2 beating as usual and doing pretty fine in the sac! It was as if a heavy load has been lifted up from my shoulders after being worried for the whole day wondering if Precious #2 is affected from my dehydration.

Pregnancy luck?

Congratulations!! We are pleased to inform you that you have won the 2nd Prize: Sony Walkman NW-E015F MP3 Player (2GB) in our 3rd Quarterly Prize Draw!

Kindly reply to this email or contact us by 17th Oct 2007 (Wednesday) for validity confirmation.

If you should have further enquiry, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Thank you for joining our Your Voice Online Panel.

Best Regards,

Lianne LeePanel
The Nielsen Company (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

The email says it all.......and I've received the prize delivered to my doorstep this morning. So it's definitely not a scam.

They say it's called "Pregnancy luck"...things you win when you are pregnant.....and being a not-so-superstitious person, I think I believe it this time. Cos this is not the first time I've won something during my pregnancy. I've won a RM500 voucher from Diamond & Platinum when I was pregnant with Zach. It was just as spontaneous as this one when I suddenly received an email from AC Nielsen informing me of my win.
I took part in a survey conducted by AC Nielsen some time back. Guess some of you might have heard of's called 'Your Voice'. Well, obviously I forgot all about it after that until recently when I received the email of the prize that I've won.

Price of the Mp3 checked - RM399! Not bad huh?

It just feels so good to have won something.......!

And losing them....

Just when I thought I've got to continue living with my fast-growing went all down the drain in just one morning! Had a very bad food poisoning early this morning at 6 and the weight that I've piled up over the week just flushed together with the toilet bowl! Now I'm back to the weight I was when I first got pregnant and my tummy just shrunk!!!!!!
I dont look pregnant anymore.....urgh! what is happening........???

Yeah....I'm worried myself too! Gonna see my gynae tonight just to make sure Precious #2 is doing fine eventhough mommy has flushed down 3 kgs down the drain in just minutes!

Keeping my fingers crossed that the ultrasound will provide pleasant result.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Piling up...

I've put on a whopping 3 kgs over the last 1 week!!!!!!! 3 kgs! I cant believe it myself.....the weighing scale just went 3 gaps fr my previous weight.....No! of cos I'm not gonna reveal my weight here...No way! yes....I'm being very very vain..I'm entitled to.....esp when I'm pregnant now!

I know many of you will just say things like "it's normal. u r pregnant!"

I know I know....but I just cant accept the fact that it's only my 1st trimester and I've already pile up 3kgs....imagine......7 more months to go! how much weight would I put on by the time I deliver? I better not put thoughts into my head..though I hav to admit that I really do feel heavier nowadays.....

As vain as I've always been.....seeing the weighing scale tipping further and further each time I step onto it just wont make me feel good at all.....though I tried consoling myself that "it's ok...I'm pregnant..I ought to gain weight and all......but definitely not this soon?????

I even resorted to talking to my weighing scale going "U gotta be kidding me...more?"

Looks like I'm gonna be much bigger in this pregnancy as compared to my 1st one when I was considered underweight for my size!

Wish me luck!