Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Baby talk

It was such a coincidence last week when I was channel surfing and came across an interesting episode on Oprah's show. It was all about baby language and how a gifted lady named Priscilla Dunstan from Australia discovered her ability to interpret how infants communicate with their caregivers. It was said that babies around the world speak the same language to convey what they want and how they feel. Interesting isnt it? Well, it all boils down to 5 main sounds on how to differentiate what the babies want. And they actually tested them on a few babies to prove this and surprisingly it worked! I was amazed......... I told myself that I must record those 5 sounds here to test their effectiveness once Precious #2 is out next year.

1. 'neh' - "I'm hungry"

2. 'owh' - "I'm feeling sleepy"

3. 'heh' - "I'm feeling uncomfortable"

4. 'eair' (pronounced as 'air') - "I have lotsa gas...I need to fart!"

5. 'eh' - "Burp me!"

Well, guess I cant do much about finding out how effective those sounds are until I try them out myself next year!

Apparently there's a DVD for sale on this and it's called Dunstan Baby Language (can be ordered through http://www.dunstanbaby.com/) . The details on this can also be found is http://www.oprah.com/ . So for those curious young mothers out there...you might wanna have a copy? I'm still considering if I should get hold of a copy.........

So far so good....@ 14 weeks

Yeah...we've finally seen the doctor who assured us that Precious #2 is doing fine and well inside my tummy....... In fact, it is so a ctive inside me that we could see its hands and legs moving durign the ultrasound scan and made us all laugh seeing how active it is......

"I'll be able to tell you if it's aboy or a girl next month!"
That's what the doc said and we are now curious and anxious to know if we are giving Zach a baby brother or sister in May 2008! Boy or girl.....all we hope for is a healthy being who will add to much joy into our family!

Now...I wont label this scan because one would be able to see which is the head and which is the body if one is observant and alert enough! hahahaha

Monday, November 5, 2007

Anxiety kills!

It's been a month since my last post here and well...I'll be going for my check-up tonight to see the development of our Precious #2.
I hate to admit it but Ive been having this anxiety on negative issues about the baby and i just cant stop having this weird feeling that something might be wrong with Precious #2. As much as I dont want anything bad to happen to Precious #2, I guess it's just the hormonal imbalance in me that got me thinking negatively. I remember facing the same anxiety when I was pregnant with Zach. Well, I hope it's just my gut feeling and nothing else......really hope to see an improvement and positive development in Precious #2 tonight....been praying real hard that Precious #2 will arrive in a good shape and that we will have the opportunity to shower him/her with much love and care!