Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A YEAR already...

Big one is out with daddy.......birthday boy is already asleep...
So mommy is left with some peace to finally....yeah......a very very extremely late update on this blog..... of tomorrow (23rd April 2009) Precious #2 aka Roy turns 1~

A year has past by since we last greeted you into the world
You have changed our lives - daddy's, mommy, & koh koh's
Bringing much merriment, joy and laughter to the family
Not to mention your ever impatient noises when you want things done your way
With all your cries, laughters, smiles, giggles and gurgles
You definitely make your presence felt the day you join us as a family member
You used to be a cranky baby
A well known cry baby
You make your presence felt wherever you are
Crying and wailing just as loud as you want
Daddy and mommy almost lost their minds
Whenever you start your tantrums
You would just cry and cry and cry
For no reason whatsoever
It was one fine night that mommy just stared at you
While you were in the midst of your action
You were already fed, cleaned and had your sleep
But you just continued your drama
Daddy took over, not knowing the solution
Seeing mommy being so helpless
A challenge was on between daddy and you
A total of 2 hours of continuous cry
And needless to say, you won the challenge
The sleepless nights went on for almost 5 months
Nightmarish for mommy and daddy every night
You finally came to your senses after 5 months
And settled to normal bedtime like everyone else
And now a year has gone
And you have finally grown
Much alike your koh koh
Naughty and mischievious
Happy and cranky
But by being just the way you are
Makes you lovable and cuddly
We all wish you the best
In your future's test
May God Bless you my darling
And may you grow up to be a fine young man!


Thursday, July 3, 2008


Precious #2 has finally arrived on 23rd Apr 2008.'s a bit too late for such announcement..w.ell...I just feel the need to at least officially announce his birth...afterall this blog is created for him and about him.....

Precious #2 is officially named Roy Ethan Goh and his birth details are as follows:

Birth weight : 3.27kg

Birth height : 49cm

Birth time : 11.36pm

Birth place : SJMC

Well, there wont be any regular posts here from mommy is busy juggling her time for her 2 boys! Adios!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A freaking 0.99mm!

As the saying goes "Never take things for granted..."
We always take it granted whenever we come across such statement....dont know abt the rest but for is! and it's a freaking less than 1mm of measurement that is making my life filled with 1001 questions and worries.....

What am I talking about? from the previous post...u all should know by now that I've been worried about the condition of my unborn child's kidney which is detected to be slightly larger than the other....

So I had my scheduled check-up on Wed night to see the further development of his condition....
Well...not so good apparently....cos we've been hoping that the water in thes kidney should be reduced b ythen but it d idnt. But the good thing is....according to my doc is that it didnt get any larger she was worried before that. And all is a difference of 0.99mm from the other normal kidney! A freaking 0.99mm which makes all the differences and creates the alarming panic in us! Well, as usual I asked the same few questions again...

"What could be the worst, should the kidney stays that way till my baby is born?"

"Well, we'll have to send your baby to the paediatrician to have a more thorough scan on his kidneys and we shall see from there."

"Any other possibilities?"

"Yes! Let's hope that the water in that particular kidney will be passed out through his urine once he's out on his own. And then your baby will be fine." - which is what we are hoping for right now should the condition remains til his birth.

"Any other possible complications?"

"We'll have to monitor your baby for at least a year after his birth for any further complications."

Well, nothing much can be done except for my fortnightly check up to monitor Precious #2's slightly-larger-than-the-other kidney condition. And of cos to play the wait-and-see game until Precious #2 is out on his own!

I NEED THE STRENGTH TO PULL THROUGH telling myself to think positive positive positive!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Different every pregnancy

Had my fortnightly checkup with my gynae last monday (16th March) and was eager to see the growth of my baby...
when suddenly Delaila said "Hmmm...I see a slightly bigger kidney on ur baby!"
That really sent us pressing the panic button.....
"Can u explain further, doc?"
Apparently Precious#2 has a slightly larger kidney than the other and Delaila told us that it's quite normal at this stage of my pregnancy and the baby tends to pass urine in my womb now. So at times he might not urinate it all and save some in his kidney, hence, having extra water in his kidney. Well, even if doc told us not to worry first..naturally as a mother, esp, i got all stressed up and came up with 1001 questions......
my subsequent question was "what's the worst tht could happen if the water didnt reduce as we hope it would?"

doc: " well..the water usually reduces after a while but in the worst case scenario......ur baby might hav damaged kidneys! but i shall not make u panic...we shall see again 2 weeks from now......the consoling part here is that if ur baby were to have some kinda kidney disease, we can usually see both kidneys' size being enlarged...but in ur case, it's only one kidney which is larger than the lets hope it's only extra urine tht he will pass it out soon"

so....i've been praying real hard that it's not gonna give us any worry and i just cant wait to see the doc next week for more confirmation!'s always a risk in every pregnancy and it's different cases in every pregnancy.....first it was Zach's case in his 4th month of life inside Precious #2 just doesnt wanna lose out on his share of giving mommy and daddy the scare of their lives!......

Monday, March 24, 2008

Drama after drama....

it's been sooooooooooooooooo long since i last made a post here.....
well.......loads and loads of events took palce for the past 2 months tht coming online here and posting new blogs was somehow not in the list of my things-to-do list.......

it was madness after the CNY celebration and our fabulous Bali trip.... just when i thought i could finally settle down and enjoy the final stage of my pregnancy with much anticipation for the baby's arrival................the show begun.........

FIRST, it was the sudden bleeding tht i had tht i had to be hospitalised and be on total bed rest......and given some injections....mind u....they were excruciatingly painful jabs! i'm not kidding cos i know i hav kinda high pain endurance but those jabs were simply much more painful than normal jabs...even the doc and nurses warned me tht before the injected me........hmmm.....pain and suffering a mother needs to go thru......
it was indeed a roller coaster ride for me n hubby.....not to mention the baby inside me which gave us all the biggest scare in my cut a long story short...everything went back to normal after abt a week but i was warned by the doc to never...NEVER carry anything heavier than 1kg!!!!

SECOND, Zach was down with high fever, bad cough and flu....argh..................... it was one drama after another..... i was totally drained out....emotionally and physically......couldnt sleep peacefully for many nights cos i needed to monitor his temperature and all........then his vomitting and all.......a total of 3 freaking weeks!!! he just got better last week

THIRD, i caught the flu bug myself after tht! needed a week to recover......

so tht's abt it.......the roller coaster of my life for the past one month!