Thursday, April 3, 2008

A freaking 0.99mm!

As the saying goes "Never take things for granted..."
We always take it granted whenever we come across such statement....dont know abt the rest but for is! and it's a freaking less than 1mm of measurement that is making my life filled with 1001 questions and worries.....

What am I talking about? from the previous post...u all should know by now that I've been worried about the condition of my unborn child's kidney which is detected to be slightly larger than the other....

So I had my scheduled check-up on Wed night to see the further development of his condition....
Well...not so good apparently....cos we've been hoping that the water in thes kidney should be reduced b ythen but it d idnt. But the good thing is....according to my doc is that it didnt get any larger she was worried before that. And all is a difference of 0.99mm from the other normal kidney! A freaking 0.99mm which makes all the differences and creates the alarming panic in us! Well, as usual I asked the same few questions again...

"What could be the worst, should the kidney stays that way till my baby is born?"

"Well, we'll have to send your baby to the paediatrician to have a more thorough scan on his kidneys and we shall see from there."

"Any other possibilities?"

"Yes! Let's hope that the water in that particular kidney will be passed out through his urine once he's out on his own. And then your baby will be fine." - which is what we are hoping for right now should the condition remains til his birth.

"Any other possible complications?"

"We'll have to monitor your baby for at least a year after his birth for any further complications."

Well, nothing much can be done except for my fortnightly check up to monitor Precious #2's slightly-larger-than-the-other kidney condition. And of cos to play the wait-and-see game until Precious #2 is out on his own!

I NEED THE STRENGTH TO PULL THROUGH telling myself to think positive positive positive!

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